State Defense

State Defense is a concept drawn up by the legislature and officials of a country regarding the patriotism of a person, a group, or all components of a country in the interest of safeguarding the country’s existence. Physically, this can be interpreted as a defense effort against physical attacks or aggression from parties that threaten the existence of the country, while non- physically, this concept is interpreted as an effort to participate actively in advancing the nation and state, either through education, moral, social, or through increasing the welfare of the people who make up the nation. Particularly for Indonesia, the state defense concept is defined as the attitude and behavior of the citizens, groups, or institutions that are imbued with their love for the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution in maintaining the survival of the nation and state as an entirety. In practice, awareness of state defense is essentially a willingness to serve the country and a willingness to sacrifice to defend the country. The spectrum of state defense is very wide. It can be from the most subtle action, to the most violent one. Starting from just maintaining good relationship with fellow citizens to jointly warding off the real threat of armed enemies. This includes behaving and doing the best for the nation and state.

PT KNI is committed to always participating in state defense programs according to the Company’s potential and capabilities. Through its CSR programs, PT KNI has indirectly conducted non-physical state defense activities. PT KNI’s CSR programs refer to the 5 (Pillars) of CSR which include: Human Resources Development, Economic Empowerment, Fostering Social Harmony, Realizing Good Business Governance, and Protecting Environmental Sustainability, which are the realization of non-physical concepts of state defense. Therefore, PT KNI’s CSR programs in various fields such as education, economy, health, and the environment, all have a correlation with efforts in state defense.