PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia (PT KNI) continues to collide with the goals of Sustainable Development/SDGs. We believe that a strategy that supports community development can strengthen PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia as a company that cares and is committed to instilling independence values of social sustainability . As a producer of raw material for mining explosives, PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia carries out responsible business practices. In line with government regulations on Social and Environmental Responsibility. 

Sustainability Integration

Our main focus is to foster collaboration in the implementation of community development projects that are consistent with the vision and mission of the local government’s to encourage community independence. The involvement of businesses, communities, and local governments is critical to the program's long-term viability. This involvement ultimately promotes trust in the community in order to preserve good ties with one another. We realize that the company is not only committed to environmental management but also committed to maintaining social sustainability. Due to the dynamic situation of the community, we hope that it can create great ideas for social innovations that answer the needs of today's society. This has been carried out in stages to accommodate the potential of the community to become a community empowerment program. PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia's community development programs include Community Economic Empowerment Program, Child Rights Fulfillment Program and Child Protection, Community Health Program, Environmental Program.

Strengthening the Community

Through the Community Development Program, PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia encourages strengthening the community through various activities to increase community capacity. In line with the Bontang City Government Program to Create a Sustainable Bontang through Economic Consolidation, such as the MSME Development Program, the Waste Recycling Program into economic value products through the Orchid KSM in Guntung Village. Then, the Women's Empowerment Program through the Sampoang Batik Maker Group, Tanjung Laut Village. This is a consistency effort from PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia's in improving the quality of human resources who will be able to compete in the digital economy era where they can empower the surrounding community. PT Kaltim Nitrate Indonesia encourages change from people who have the passion and determination to create an independent and sustainable society.