Project Management

Production Increase Projects

Since FY2019, there have been 3 projects aiming at increasing Ammonium Nitrate prill production to 7,777 tons/week. Those projects is are improvement in prilling area to eliminate losses in the of Ammonium Nitrate Solution by redesigning the Prilling Nozzle installation and decreasing the dirt that closes the Nozzle lid, thereby decreasing optimum production number of Ammonium Nitrate.

Apparent improvement can be seen from the decreasing of Nozzle washing as there was no longer as much dirt as before that covers the nozzle. The next project to improve the conveyor’s reliability is still ongoing. Trial and execution will be carried out in FY2021. In addition to these 3 projects, we also focus on finishing and implementing Acid Import project as planned, as one of the projects to increase production by providing extra Nitric Acid into the Ammonium Nitrate Plant.

The Projects show progress and are running as planned for implementation in January 2021. From these projects, we hope to get another 600 tons of Ammonium Nitrate/ month due to the additional Nitric Acid.

Nitric Acid Plant Production

Total production of Nitric Acid in FY2020 increased by 6% compared to that of FY2019 from 228,807 ton to 242,486 ton. This can be achieved with improvement projects in several area such as lightning protection, weak acid pump reliability, back flow issue in process, and optimization on scheduled shutdown. Nitric Acid production reference is indicated by the average production reached for 5 consecutive days. Since it was first operated in 2012 until now, Nitric Acid production is recorded as follows:

  1. On April 04 – 08, 2013, the record for Nitric Acid Factory Production was 777 tons/day.
  2. On April 28 – May 02, 2019, the record for Nitric Acid Factory Production increased to 800 tons/day
  3. On July 12 – 17, 2020, the average production reached for 5 consecutive days was 777.8 tons/day. This is the result of:
  • The type of Primary catalyst used and its condition is maintained during production operations so that it reaches the peak performance.
  • Change the air filter regularly to ensure the quality and quantity of air used and the stability of the air compressor’s performance.
  • Joint performance of the entire team to ensure smooth production operations.