Supply Chain

Occupational Safety as the Logistics Team’s Priority

In line with PT KNI’s joint commitment on safety, our priority in carrying out all activities, especially those related to the Logistics and Distribution Department is “Safety is Our Priority Always”. For stuffing activities (loading AN products into the containers), PT KNI no longer uses wooden pallets (without pallets) for OK Tedi Mining Limited (OTML) cargo.

4S Program Implementation

  1. Engineering Spare Store:
    • Good Receipting/ Reservation/ Good Issuing
    • Circle Count
    • Material Requirement Planning (MRP) master data(indirect) review
  2. AN warehouse:
    • Create outbound Delivery
    • Picking/ Post Good Issue (PGI)
    • Good Receipting
    • Raw Material (RM) and Finished Goods (FG) stock take
  3. AN Delivery:
    • Road Freight Order, including service order for loading and unloading services, road and port access, as well as inspection and certification.
    • Freight Settlement Document
    • Material Reservation
  4. Planning