KNI Strategic Intent

To be a safe and reliable supplier of quality Ammonium Nitrate products.


To be the best Ammonium Nitrate manufacturing facility in the world.

KNI Critical Success Factors

We will achieve our Strategic Intent and our Business Vision by developing and extending key manufacturing capabilities in the following areas:

  • Process safety and plant integrity excellence to ensure the long term sustainability of the KNI Bontang manufacturing site,
  • Reliability excellence to deliver the highest quality product possible to our customers,
  • Process control excellence to ensure consistent product quality and to achieve optimal conversion and energy efficiencies,
  • End to end (supplier to customer) supply chain excellence to ensure the right product is available at the right time for our customer,
  • Continuous improvement excellence to ensure that key manufacturing capabilities are developed to a level of distinct capability.
  • People and operations culture excellence to support and drive our operations to being the “Best Ammonium Nitrate Manufacturer in the World”.